Researching Geothermal Energy Resources

We are carrying out the following studies in the research of Geothermal Energy Resources, which is one of the renewable energy resources.

       - Geological- Hydrogeological Surveys
       - Geochemical Measurements (CO2, He, Hg, H2S, SO2, H2 Rn...)
       - Geophysical Surveys

In the investigation of geothermal energy source and/or in determining reinjection locations, we choose the following methods depending on the field conditions;

       - Geochemical Measurement (CO2, H2S, Rn, SO2)
       - Vertical Electric Sounding,
       - Electric profile or ERT,
       - Magnetic Methods,
       - Seismic Methods,
       - VLF
       - Electromagnetic Methods
As a result of geothermal researches, the drilling point and drilling depth that can provide optimum efficiency are determined by creating 2D geothermal energy distribution map, 2D floor maps, 3D section models of the field, and a Drilling Construction Project is created.
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