Landslide Monitoring and Locking

Landslides occur as a result of mass movements of the soil as a result of slope, precipitation, additional loads or uncontrolled excavations at the heel in sloping areas.

As a result of landslides, serious loss of property and life may occur. Sections with landslide or slip potential can be predicted in advance. For this, we carry out studies to take necessary precautions and measures by predetermining possible mass movement with measurements to be made continuously or periodically with site-specific monitoring systems as a result of the examinations and evaluations to be made by our expert teams in the project area.
We carry out three-stage studies in landslide areas or potential landslide areas.
       - Exploration            ,
       - Determination of slip circles or potential slip surfaces by geophysical survey methods,
       - Identifying lithological units and obtaining geological sections with Geotechnical Drilling Studies.

       - Monitoring-Traced                ,
       - Periodic measurements by drilling inclinometer wells at locations determined through drilling pits,
       - Monitoring displacements from the surface using geodetic or geophysical methods,,

       - Prevention                ,
       - As a result of research and monitoring studies, we are preparing projects for the prevention of landslides with geotechnical analysis.
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