Structural Health Monitoring

We carry out system installation, monitoring and evaluation studies for the long-term performance monitoring of structures such as Bridges, High-Speed Train Lines, Dams, Buildings and building-type structures, Power Plants and tunnels..
       - System installation based on continuous measurement for monitoring the behavior of bridges, buildings, dams, etc. under different conditions.,
       - Monitoring, evaluation of measurements and producing solution proposals.

       - Depending on the needs of the project
            - Strain gauge
            - Load Cells,
            - Temperature humidity,
            - Linear Potentiometer,
            - Displacement Meters,
            - Vibration and Accelerometers,
            - GNSS Positioning Systems,
            - Corrosion
            - luviometer vb
       - GNNS Systems Measurements,
       - Strain Measurements,
We carry out surveys and evaluations with sensors and systems 24/7 with measurement and monitoring.

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