Deformation Measurement and Monitoring Systems

It is very important to constantly or periodically monitor the deformations that occur on the ground or in the structure during and after the construction phase. Necessary precautions and precautions should be taken before the deformations reach critical values. In this framework, after the deformation monitoring methodology that meets the requirements of the project with sensitive equipment is determined by our experts, we start the measurements by making field applications.
Deformation measurements;
       - Columns and beams in buildings,
       - On bridges,
       - In Tunnel Manufacturing,
       - In dams and water structures,
       - Monitoring the deformations on the ground under load,
       - Determining the depth of impact of deformations occurring under the structure or on the roads.

Apart from this, we perform periodic or continuous measurements by establishing a deformation measurement system in specific structures, if requested.
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