Marine Geophysics and Coastal Engineering

We provide engineering structures (port, tunnel, pipeline, etc.), mining, archaeological research, measurement services and technical consultancy services to be built in seas and lakes..

    The main topics we serve are given below.


-           Hydrographical and Oceanographical Surveys

            o   Bathymetric survey (Single beam or Multibeam)

            o   Current Direction and velocity measurements

            o   Measurement of sea water physical properties (Temperature, Salinity, Density)


-       Marina Geophysics

            o   Ultra-High Resolution Single Channel Seismic Reflection

            o   Ultra-High Resolution Multichannel Seismic Reflection

            o   Marina Seismic Refrection Tomography

            o   Side Scan Sonar

            o   Marina Magnetic-Gradiometric Survey

            o   Georadar measurements in lakes and rivers

  -    Costal Modelling (Numeric Modalling)

            o   Wind and Wave Climate Modeling

            o   In-Port Swash Analysis and Modeling

            o   Shore Length and Perpendicular Solids Movement

            o   Sandblast Analysis and Modeling

            o   Coastal Interaction and Morphology Analysis Modeling

            o   Pollution Analysis and Modeling Soil &foundation Investigation


-       Soil - Foundation Investigation Survey

            o   Harbor, Breakwater etc. Coastal Structures

            o   Backfilling Area Survey

            o   Bridge Foot and Route

            o   Inland/Sub-Sea Tube-Tunnel Crossing Routes

            o   Marina Drilling

            o   Seafloor Sediment Distribution Analysis


-       Marine Geology and Engineering Geology

            o   Sediment Sampling with Core-Tube

            o   Orange-Peel Sediment Sampling

            o   Marine Drills

            o   Engineering Geology Assessments for Marine Structures


-       Mining Explorations in Seas and Lakes

            o   Aggregate (sand, gravel) research

            o   Metallic Mineral Research

            o   Hydrocarbon (Coal, Natural Gas) Research

            o   Mining Drills


-       Feasibility Survey


-       Design and Project

            o   Preparation of Marina Design and Projects

            o   Port Design and Preparation of Projects

            o   Fishing Port Design and Preparation of Projects


-       Technical Consultancy

            o   Preparation of Tender Dossiers

            o   Supervision During Construction

            o   Marine Mining Technical Consultancy

Geophysical Equipment and Software R&D Studies (Marine-Land).

Apart from the studies briefly given above, we carry out short or long-term measurement, observation and system installation activities in seas and lakes.

Marine Geophysics and Geological surveys, We are proud to be the solution partner of our valued customers with our experienced staff in the Design and Planning of Coastal and Offshore Researches and Coastal Structures..

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