Mining Explorations in Seas and Lakes

Marine mining has many advantages over terrestrial mining. The grade values of ores obtained from the sea have 2-10 times higher values when compared to land mining. Within the scope of mining explorations at sea, we carry out the researches with the following main titles;

- Aggregate (sand sea),
- Metalic Mierals (Zinc, Iron, Silver, Copper, Gold etc.),
- Hydrocarbon (Natural Gas, Coal and Oil).

We carry out; ,
    - 2D and/or 3D Marine Ultra Hi Resulation Seismic Reflection,
    - Marine and Magnetic Measurements,
    - Bathymetric and sonar measurements for the determination of Sea Floor morphology,
    - Gravity measurements at sea,
    - Offshore drilling,
activities in the sea or lakes within the scope of mineral explorations.

Within the scope of the researches, mineral geology maps of the project area, 2D and 3D geophysical maps are prepared and possible mineral deposits, thickness and potential reserve calculations are made.
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