Test-Measurement and Engineering

Within the scope of On-site Testing, Measurement and quality control services, we provide services at international standards in the areas we provide under the main headings below.  

       Measurements for Earthquake Performance Analysis of Structures       
       - Measurement of the basic type and thickness of the structure,
       - Determination of the dynamic and static parameters of the floors on which the structure is built,
       - Reinforcement detection, Measurement of Stirrup Intervals,
       - On-site Measurement of Concrete Strength (Schmit resistance, Pundit tests),
       - Column - control of gaps in the wall,
       - Determination of the oscillation of the structure,
       - Survey Control,

       Displacement and Deformation Measurements           
       - Inclinometer Measurements,
       - Total Station Measurements,
       - GNNS Systems Measurements,
       - Strain Measurements,
       - Monitoring and Prevention of Landslides,

     Structural Health Monitoring System Installation and Evaluation         
       - System installation based on continuous measurement for monitoring the behaviour of Bridges, Buildings, Dams etc. under different conditions.
       - Monitoring and evaluating measurements and producing solution proposals
       - Depending on the requirements of the project
            - Tension Meter & Strain gauge
            - Load Cells,
            - Temperature and Humidity,
            - Linear Potentiometer,
            - Displacement Meters,
            - Vibration and Accelerometers,
            - GNSS Positioning Systems,
            - Corrosion,
            - Pluviometry etc.
With sensors and systems, we carry out 24/7 measurement and monitoring, inspections and evaluations.
       - GNSS Systems Measurements,
       - Tension Measurements,,

    Soil improvement quality control services       
       - Soil compaction checks,
                - Proctor Tests
                - Sand Cone Tests,
                - Nukleer Tests
                - Plate Load Tests,
                - Ground penetration Tests (GPR)
                - Seismic Tests (Befor compaction and after compaction)
       - Pıle Quality Control Test
                - Pile Integrity Tests (PIT)
                - Cross-Hole Test
       - jet Grout Quality Control Tests
                - PIT,
                - GPR Tests,
                - Seismic Test


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