Hydrography -Bathymetry

Hydrographic studies are carried out in accordance with IHO standards. Depth measurements are carried out using single beam or multibeam equipment according to the work area and the employer's demands, and we create Bathymetric Maps.

 Hydrographic studies;
    - Making cubage calculations by making depth measurements before and after dredging,
    - In studies for the design of coastal structures such as harbours, shelters, etc.,
    - Cable lines, sea crossing route surveying,
    - We use it widely to monitor the change of seafloor morphology with long-term measurements.

3D models of bathymetric measurements obtained in line with the demands of the administration or the employer are created. With the 3D model, the project, ship, bridge piers, tube crossing are modelled depending on the need, and whether the model complies with the sea conditions and its technical requirements are determined and reported.

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