Marine Geophysics

We support your projects with geophysical researches for the investigation of the underground structure in the seas, lakes and rivers and the determination of the engineering parameters of the soils. The main topics that we can support your projects are given below.

         - Determination of current direction and velocity in seas, lakes and streams, flow calculations in rivers
         - Determination of physical properties of water (Temperature, Salinity, Density, Speed of Sound), chemical properties,
         - Sea, lake and river pollution measurements,

         - Horizontal and Vertical Transitions of Geological Units,
         - Fault and Discontinuity Studies,
         - Karst Studies,
         - Determination of Seabed Landslides,
         - Determination and mapping of seafloor sediment distribution and cubage calculation

         - Cable and Pipeline route studies or determination of existing ones,
         - Marine geophysics (Multibeam, Seismic, Magnetic, Sonar etc.) studies for the design of coastal structures such as ports, piers, docks, etc.
         - Non-Destructive Investigation of Existing Coastal Structures (Concrete Strength, Reinforcement, Steel Pile Thickness, Determination of Pile Lengths), determination).,
         - Kıyı Yapıların Projelendirmesine Yönelik Seismic (Depremsellik) Risk Analizi
         - UXO - Explosive Substance Research,
         - Site selection of engineering structures such as Nuclear Power Plant, Wind Power Plant, etc.,
         - Soil classification by determining the Vs30 Velocity of the geological units on the sea floor,
         - Cubage calculation and quality control services for seabed dredging activities,
         - Researches to determine wind rose power plant locations

         - Marine Mining (metallic, nonmetallic) Research
         - Coal, Natural Gas, gas traps and oil exploration at sea

         - Identification of Shipwreck, Ship etc. on the seabed,
         - Identifying Submerged Ancient Ports and Cities,
         - Determination of underwater vault locations and geometries

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, we are at your side as your solution partner to provide technical support at every stage of marine research and to solve your problems.
The methods we commonly apply within the scope of marine geophysics are given below.

        - 2D / 3D Ultra Hi Resolution Seismic Reflection,
        - 2D Seismic Refraction Tomography,
        - Down-Hole, Cross-Hole, PS Log
        - 2D Multi-Channel Surface Wave Analysis (2D MASW),
        - Magnetic and Gradiometric Measurements,
        - Side Scan Sonar,
        - CTD (Temperature, Salinity, Density, etc.) Measurements,
        - Acoustic Doppler (ADP, ADCP) Measurements (Stream Velocity, Direction, Flow in Seas, Lakes and Rivers),
        - Acoustic/pressure measurements for sea level changes,
        - Single Beam / Multibeam echosounder Measurements

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