Groundwater - Mineral Water Research

We carry out studies to obtain Groundwaters or Mineral Waters within the framework of a certain scientific prospect.

Search prospecting;

       - Geological- Hydrogeological Studies
       - Geophysical Studies
       - Production Drilling Works

While choosing the details of the exploration prospecting and geophysical method, the effective method that can produce a solution depending on the customer's expectations and demands and field conditions is determined by our experienced personnel.. These methods;

       - Self Potential,
       - Vertical Electrical Sounding,
       - Electrical Profile,
       - Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT),
       - Induced Polarisation (IP),
       - Magnetic Methods (Magnetic, Electromagnetic, Magnetotelluric),
       - Seismic Reflection,


As a result of groundwater/mineral water researches, 2D Hydrogeological maps, 2D floor maps, 3D cross-section models are created and the drilling point that can provide optimum efficiency is determined, and a Drilling Construction Project is created..

We carry out both Exploration and Production activities on a turnkey basis, by carrying out production drilling works with equipment suitable for the Well Construction Project, in line with the request of the employer..

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