We provide measurement, research and engineering services for uncovering the unknowns in the underground, determining the engineering design parameters, revealing the risks in terms of engineering in the underground, as well as the discovery of our underground riches and the determination of their reserves, and the acquisition of geological maps and 2D / 3D sections. 

-       Soil-Foundation and Geotechnical Studies

o   Buildings, Housing and Industrial Buildings

o   Road Route Studies

o   Tunnel, Airport- Dam Areas


-       Geological and Geotechnical Studies Based on the Zoning Plan

o   Microzonation Studies

o   Studies on Plan and Plan Amendments(


-       Archaeological Studies


-       Mineral Exploration

o   Metalik Maden Araştırmaları

o   Investigation of Marble, Travertine, Granite Fields

o   Sand, Gravel, Clay-Bentonite etc. Researching the Fields

o   Hydrocarbon Research (Coal, natural gas, oil)


-       Groundwater – Researches of Mineral Water Resources


-       Researching Geothermal Energy Resources


-       Geophysical Studies

o   Seismic Reflection (24/48 Channels)

o   Seismic Refraction, MASW, MAM, SPAC, Tomography

o   Georadar (1500, 900, 750, 500, 300, 100 MHz Shield, 150-75-38 MHz Dipole Antenna, 400-600 MHz Multi-Frequency

o   Geomagnetic / Gradiometer

o   Electrical Resistivity, (Single-Channel and Multi-Channel) DES, ERT, IP

o   Well Seismic (Down Hole And Cross Hole)

o   Well Georadar Measurement


-       Landslide Studies

o   Slope Stability Analysis

o   Landslide Type and Preparation of Prevention Projects


-       Infrastructure Research

o   Buried Pipeline

o   Embedded Tank Etc. Buildings

o   Karst Gap Surveys

o   Investigation of Deformation Propagation and Impact Depth



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