The software we have prepared for engineering evaluation and data collection is given below. We continue to work on their development and new software.

Ab-ıArd Lugeon test analysis program:

It is a useful program that evaluates the Logeon test (paker test - Pressure Water Test) in boreholes. It gives the results of the Lugeon Experiment, which is carried out in the field, in pdf or excel form, which quickly calculates and can be evaluated with graphics.

PMLogger Magnetic and Bathymetric Data Collection and Navigation Software:

 PMLoger is designed to collect multi-purpose data. It is a software that is suitable for collecting magnetic / gradiometric data on land, sea or air and can work with all GNSS systems. It supports all echosounder data formats except magnetic data in seas, lakes or streams and has the feature of simultaneous bathymetric data collection.


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