Geological Geotechnical Surveys

We carry out Geological and or Geotechnical researches in seas and lakes mainly for the studies in the main titles given below.
- Preparation of Settlement Compliance Study Reports based on the Zoning Plan,
- Geological-Geotechnical Survey Reports Based on Application Projects,
- Studies of Tube Passage, Tunnel, Bridge Crossing Routes,
- Mineral Researches,
- Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Geological and Geophysical Survey Reports,
- Researches to reveal problems such as settlement, collapse, deformation etc. in coastal structures
The following analyzes are carried out on the structures and fills designed in the preparation of geotechnical research application projects.;
-Slope Stability Analysis (Static and Earthquake Situation),
- Settlement Analysis,
- Liquefaction Analysis,
- Bearing Capacity Analysis,
- Pile calculations and analysis in Pier, Dock and other structures,
- Preparation of soil improvement projects as a result of the Geotechnical Report.
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