Seismic Reflection & Refraction & MASW

We widely use seismic reflection and refraction methods to illuminate the underground structure from the seabed, to reveal ground risks in engineering projects, to identify mineral explorations and buried structures. In seismic studies, we make ultra-high resolution seismic measurements with sub-profile, single-channel or multi-channel equipment in line with the requirements of the projects.

- Ultra Hi Resolution 2D Seismic Refraction Tomography at Sea - 2D MASW measurements,
- Ultra Hi Resolution 2D or 3D Seismic Reflection Study,,
- Well Seismic Cross-Hole, Down-Hole Seismic
The Seismic Reflection method is a widely used method in the world for the illumination of the underground structure. Thanks to its wide frequency spectrum, it can be used for very high resolution shallow depth or very deep research with low frequency.

Analysis and control of coastal structures with non-destructive testing methods and their current conditions (concrete thickness, determination of pile lengths, reinforcement conditions, etc.) are carried out by our expert teams.

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